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Student Use of Technology


Student Acceptable Technology Use Policy


The Fowler Unified School District provides electronic information services to students and teachers in FUSD.  FUSD strongly believes in the educational value of such electronic resources and recognizes their potential to support our curriculum and student learning.  The District’s goal in providing this service is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication.  The District will make every effort to protect students and teachers from any misuses or abuses as a result of their experiences with an information service.  All users must be continuously on guard to avoid inappropriate and illegal interaction with the information service.

Please read this policy carefully. The District requires your signature and that of your parent/guardian (If you are under 18) before the District can provide you with an access account.

Listed below are the provisions of this policy.  If any user violates these provisions, access to technology classes or technology resources may be denied and you may be subject to disciplinary action.


1.  Personal Responsibility.  I will only use the electronic media for accessing educational material. I accept personal responsibility for  reporting any misuse of the network to the system administrator. Misuse is defined as, but not limited to, involvement with pornography, illegal solicitation, racism, sexism, obscenity, or materials which promote illegal behavior.


2. Acceptable Use. The use of my assigned account must be in support of educational research and with the educational goals and objectives of  FUSD as stated in District Policy 6163.4. I am personally responsible for this provision at all times when using the District’s electronic  information service.

a. The accessing, posting, submitting, publishing, sending, or receiving of any materials in violation of applicable law is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material; threatening, obscene, disruptive or sexually explicit  material; materials that promote illegal behavior; material protected as a trade secret or material that can be construed as  harassment or disparagement of  others based on their race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age disability, religion,  or political beliefs. Cyber bullying is specifically prohibited.

                b. Use for commercial activities by for-profit institutions is not acceptable.

                c. Accessing social networking websites such as MySpace.com is not allowed, with the exception of those private bulletin boards, blogs or chat groups that are created by teachers for specific instructional purposes.


3. Privileges.  The use of the information services is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in disciplinary action.

4. Network Etiquette and Privacy. You are expected to abide by the accepted rules of network etiquette. These rules include, but are not limited to the following:

a. Be polite and use appropriate language.

b. Your (or anyone else’s) home address, personal phone number, or other personal information should never be revealed to fellow students, school personnel, or individuals or companies on the Internet.

c. Electronic mail, chat rooms, and other forms of direct electronic communications are only to be used under the direction of school personnel.

d. Email is not private. School officials are authorized to read all messages.

e. The network is not to be used in any way which would disrupt service by the network to others.

f. Do not attempt to alter or interfere with other users’ ability to post, send, receive, or submit material, nor attempt to delete, copy or modify another user’s work or identity.


5. Services. FUSD makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service it is providing. FUSD will not be responsible  for any damages suffered while on the system. These damages include loss of data as a result of delays, non-deliveries, mis-deliveries, or  service interruptions caused by the system or your errors or omissions. Use of any information obtained via the information system is at your  own risk. FUSD specifically disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of information obtained through its services.

6. Security. Security on any computer system is a high priority. If you identify a security problem, notify the system administrator at once. Never demonstrate the problem to other users. Never use another individual’s account. All use of the system must be under your own account. Any user identified as a security risk will be denied access to the information system.


7. Vandalism. Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to access, harm, alter, or destroy equipment or data of another user or any other agencies or networks that are connected to the system. This includes, but is not limited to, the uploading or creation of computer viruses or hacking. Any vandalism may result in the loss of computer services, disciplinary action, and/or legal referral.

8. Off-Site Use of Technology.  Students have protected constitutional and other rights regarding their personal use of technology during non-school hours, away from school grounds, and not involving District equipment.  However, to the extent that students may develop and publish web sites containing inappropriate or harmful material or transmit inappropriate or harmful material which endangers the health and safety of District staff and students or is otherwise logically connected with or related to school activity or school attendance, the District may take appropriate disciplinary or other response actions.  When a District employee, parent or community member notifies the Principal or designee that he or she has discovered a student-developed website containing inappropriate or harmful material endangering the health and safety of student or District staff, the following procedures will apply:

a. The Principal or designee will review the material, confirm the information, and assess whether the information constitutes inappropriate or harmful material.

b. The Principal or designee will conduct an investigation, including interviews with the student(s) and other potential witnesses to determine whether the website was developed on site or off campus.

c. The Principal or designee will contact the student’s parents or guardians and inform them of the results of the investigation and the District’s intended response actions.

d. If the website containing the inappropriate or harmful material was developed on campus, using district equipment or the material is logically connected with or related to school activity or school attendance, disciplinary action will be imposed.

e. If any website developed by a student contains harmful material which constitutes a threat to student or staff health and safety, whether on or off campus and whether through the use of District equipment, the principal or designee will immediately contact local law enforcement authorities, and the student will be subject to the district’s disciplinary procedures.

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