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Student Dress Code

Students AR 5132 (a)


In cooperation with teachers, students, and parents/guardians, the principal or designee shall regularly review school rules and may establish additional school rules that reflect Board Policy governing student dress and grooming.

The following guidelines shall apply to all regular school activities.  Final interpretation of these regulations rests with an administrator(s).


All clothing shall be neat, clean and acceptable in repair and appearance and shall be worn within the bounds of decency and good taste as appropriate for school.  Garments shall be sufficient to appropriately conceal undergarments at all times. Clothing will be worn as its design was traditionally intended.

  1. Sandals or shoes without heel straps are not acceptable (K-5).  In grades 6-12 at Fowler High School or Sutter Middle School, all sandals without heel straps are acceptable. House slippers are not allowed at any time – either during school or at school-sponsored activities.

2. Clothing, including headwear and jewelry, shall be free from writing, pictures, or any other  

insignia that (1) are crude, vulgar, or profane, (2) are sexually suggestive, (3) represent gangs or gang affiliation, (4) advocate the use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco, (5) are degrading to the integrity of individual groups and/or advocate racial, ethnic or religious prejudice.

3. The wearing or displaying of colors/apparel that may relate to gang affiliation or the appearance of such or is worn for the purposes of intimidation is prohibited. Administrators may exercise discretionary authority in the determination of whether colors/apparel are being displayed.

4. No baseball caps or other hats may be in a student’s possession or worn on campus.  A hat or cap may be worn at after school athletic events or school-sponsored activities only if the hat or cap is worn with the bill forward and all logos or symbols meet district dress code requirements.

5. Hoods and knitted caps without bills may be worn outside only during inclement weather from December 1 through March 1.

6. Beach wear, halter tops, bare chests or midriffs, see-through outfits, racer-back tops, or off the shoulder blouses are not appropriate or acceptable. Tank tops are not appropriate or acceptable for males or females. Shoulder straps on tops worn by females must not be less than two inches (2”) in width, and any apparel determined by District personnel to be too revealing is not acceptable. Sleeveless shirts or muscle shirts are not allowed for male students (grades 6-12).

Students AR 5132 (a)


Apparel (continued)

7. Skirts are acceptable provided they are no shorter than four (4) inches above the top of the kneecap when standing.

8. Shorts are acceptable provided they are no shorter than 6” above the top of the kneecap at the shortest point when standing, they do not extend below the knee, are hemmed, and are not form fitting. Bicycle shorts (i.e. spandex, nylon) are not allowed. Appropriate shorts may be worn for physical education activities and athletic practices. Shorts in a frayed style must be worn over leggings if the frayed area is located such that it renders the pair of shorts in violation of the 6” rule mentioned above. If the frayed area is below the length of acceptable shorts, leggings are not required. Jeans in a frayed style, which reveal skin, are acceptable as long as the frayed areas are below the length stated above.

9. Leggings are allowed when worn with an outer garment that meets dress code requirements.

10. Pants are to be worn above the hip and conform to district standards of appearance.

11. Excessively baggy or loose fitting clothing is not acceptable school attire.

12. Jackets, coats, and other apparel depicting professional sports are not allowed.

13. University apparel may be worn on campus and at school events if the mascot’s name or picture (logo) is not on the clothing.

Acceptable examples:  Fresno State, USC, Reedley College

Unacceptable examples: Fresno State Bulldogs, USC Trojans, Reedley College Tigers

14. Non-prescriptive sunglasses may not be worn indoors.

15. Haircuts or hairstyles which cause undue attention are not acceptable (i.e. unusual designs, unnatural colors, symbols, messages, Mohawks, Faux-hawks, or unusual razor cuts). Complete shaving of the head is allowed. Cuts or styles which cause the hair to stand up above the rest of the hair/scalp are not allowed (see #1), nor are similar cuts which extend down the back of the head (again, see #1). Hair styled up in an arrow is allowed on the top of the head, as long as the difference between the rest of the hair/scalp and the top of the arrow is less than 1 inch (see #2).

#1- Not Acceptable #2- Acceptable

Students AR 5132 (a)


Apparel (continued)

16. Body piercing (eyebrows, lips, tongue) is not allowed. Nose piercing must be limited to a very small stud that sits flush with the skin. Earrings that may constitute a danger to self or others are unacceptable. Ear gauges (used to stretch the skin of the ear lobe) that are larger than       ¼ inch in diameter are unacceptable.

17. Chains are not allowed at school. This includes, but is not limited to, wallets with chains to attach clothing, heavy necklace chains, and key chains.

18. Red and/or blue shoelaces are prohibited.

19. Rubber bands shall be limited to a student’s hairstyle – rubber bands are prohibited on pants, shirts, or any other clothing.

20. Tattoos and hickey marks are not acceptable and must be covered at all times while the student is on school grounds or at school-sponsored events/ activities/ games.

21. Pajamas, sleepwear, and house slippers are not allowed at any time during school or at school-sponsored events/ activities/ games.


Health and safety grounds and religious beliefs, when verified, may be considered on an individual basis as grounds for an exemption to a specific portion of the Dress and Grooming regulations.


First Offense:

1. Warning and/or parent notification to bring clothes to school and/or school loaner clothing

2. Disciplinary Documentation

Second Offense:

1. Parent notification or conference

2. Parent notification to bring clothes to school and/or school loaner clothing

3. Disciplinary Documentation

Third Offense:

1. Parent notification

2. Disciplinary Documentation

The dress code will be reviewed annually.

Regulation adopted: June 22, 1994

Revised:   August 14, 2001, April 9, 2008, June 23, 2010, July 11, 2012, June 25, 2014


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