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Core Instructional Beliefs

Direct, Interactive, Engaged Instruction – This is a collection of instructional practices combined together to help teachers design and deliver well-crafted lessons that ensure rigorous content is taught to students.  It is based on teacher-centered, direct instruction that empowers student learning for each and every child and has been implemented at all schools in the Fowler Unified School District.


·        Professional Learning Communities – Teachers and administrators in a school share learning strategies and classroom practices, then act on what they learned to enhance instruction and improve student performance throughout the school, including observing their peers teach instructional strategies.  Principals and teachers meet regularly to discuss teaching strategies and student outcomes.


·        Using Data to Inform Instruction – Fowler Unified uses data from a variety of assessments, including State and Federally-mandated exams, District Benchmarks, and teacher-created tests to measure student progress. This information is analyzed through Data Director, an on-line data management system, and results are used to guide instruction and to shape collaborative discussions of grade-level/ subject-level staff. Student achievement data is also shared with parents and students through Aeries Parent Connect, report cards, and parent conferences.


·        Response to Intervention – RTI, a program designed to catch struggling students in the early grades to address their deficiencies, has been refined at the K-5 level.  The ability to scaffold (breaking a complex task into smaller tasks) and model the desired learning strategy is just one component of the RTI program that is being successfully utilized in all elementary schools; with the goal of having students be successful readers by 3rd grade.


·        Addressing Common Core State Standards – Teachers will emphasize the new Common Core State Standards in all subjects. These new standards focus more attention on expository/ informational text, writing in all subject areas, and integrated performance tasks at an increased level of rigor in Math and English/ Language Arts. The goal is to graduate students who are College and Career Ready.


In summary, teachers in Fowler Unified School District are utilizing current best practices, technology, and collaborative approaches to present curriculum to students.  We are EVERY Day, in EVERY Way, Striving for Continuous Improvement.

District Webmaster,
Jun 24, 2015, 11:19 AM