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Talk, Read, Sing

Talk Read Sing is a campaign of the National Too Small to Fail Initiative and First 5 Fresno County in an effort to improve early childhood (ages 0-5) development. Studies indicate that 80% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of three; plus there is a 30 million word gap between children who are read to and those that are not. The Talk Read Sing campaign encourages parents to talk, read and sing to their children starting from birth, so they can be better prepared for school. 

The Talk Read Sing campaign includes commercials and radio spots with messages about baby and toddler development. In addition, the Talk Read Sing campaign has billboards, signs and a clothing line with messages about conversation starters, songs and questions to help spark conversations with children. As a goal, the Talk Read Sing campaign hopes to have health providers give parents items such as onesies, towels, and blankets printed with these messages in order to encourage parents to talk, read, and sing to their child.

Fowler Unified School District, the City of Fowler and the Malaga County Water District have joined the Talk Read Sing campaign by adopting resolutions in the month of January. As part of the Talk Read Sing campaign, the Fowler Unified School District, the City of Fowler and the Malaga County Water District have confirmed the importance of child development and our children’s educational needs. A national press conference was held at Malaga Elementary School on January 22, 2015 that was covered by Fresno County press and transmitted nationwide. 

A large contingent of community members, Fowler and Malaga parents, public agencies, non-profits and educational staff attended the press conference. The press conference included presentations by Superintendent Eric Cederquist and Fresno County Office of Education Superintendent Jim Yovino. In addition, a panel presentation consisting of representatives from the health, economic, and law enforcement sectors and a representative from the Too Small to Fail campaign joined the press conference. This event brought much attention to the importance of child development, school preparation for all students and the Talk Read Sing campaign. 

Look for the Talk Read Sing messages across Fresno!