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Student Support Services Staff

Student Support Staff

Gloria Regier, Director of Student Services    Districtgloria.regier@fowler.k12.ca.us

Nicole Perez, Student Support Specialist (Grades Pre-K - 3) 

District (Malaga/ Marshall) nicole.perez@fowler.k12.ca.us
Maria Jimenez-Rodriguez, Student Support Specialist (Gr. 3-8)

District (Fremont/ Sutter MS) maria.jimenez@fowler.k12.ca.us
Amanda Terronez, Student Support Specialist (Gr. 8-12)  

District (Fowler HS/ Academy) amanda.terronez@fowler.k12.ca.us
Fran Hansen, Speech and Language TeacherDistrict fran.hansen@fowler.k12.ca.us
Kimberly Atwell, Resource SpecialistMarshall Elementary kimberly.atwell@fowler.k12.ca.us
Andrea Brodsly, Special Day Class TeacherMarshall Elementary andrea.brodsly@fowler.k12.ca.us
Shari Hartz, Resource SpecialistMalaga Elementary shari.hartz@fowler.k12.ca.us
Pam Tesmer, Resource SpecialistFremont Elementary pam.tesmer@fowler.k12.ca.us
Tyler Monis, Special Day Class TeacherFremont Elementary tyler.monis@fowler.k12.ca.us
Angelica Creek, Resource SpecialistSutter Middle School anjelica.creek@fowler.k12.ca.us
Dana Serrato, Resource SpecialistSutter Middle School dana.serrato@fowler.k12.ca.us

Santana Leal, Special Day Class TeacherSutter Middle School santana.leal@fowler.k12.ca.us

Veronica Aguirre, Resource SpecialistFowler High School veronica.aguirre@fowler.k12.ca.us

William Feaver, Resource SpecialistFowler High School william.feaver@fowler.k12.ca.us

Raul Diaz, Special Day Class TeacherFowler High School raul.diaz@fowler.k12.ca.us

Verlin Bishop, Adult Transition Program (ATP) / Resource SpecialistFowler High School & Fowler Academy verlin.bishop@fowler.k12.ca.us